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North American Real Estate Investment Banking Specialists.


During our 51 years in the business, we’ve found that there are many real estate firms that can execute a AAA credit sale leaseback, but few that can handle the complexities of a non-investment grade deal.

At WWM, we have established ourselves as one of the best non-investment grade sale leaseback deal makers in North America.


No one has the breadth of knowledge as it relates to the market, financial analysis and experience that we do when it comes to making these non-investment grade sale leasebacks.


Establishing a long term relationship is at the core of everything we do. As a result, our fee structure is simple:

We don’t get paid, until the assignment is completed.

We perform every step of our process on a no fee basis. When we’ve executed and won the deal, we are then compensated for the value we have provided.

Different By Design

The Attention You Deserve

WWM’s team is nimble by design. Our clients demand swift and responsive action, not the bureaucratic holds up of our corporate competition. Our team doesn’t have 10,000 clients. We have 100 strategic clients that get 100% of what we have to offer. This business model allows us to move quickly, providing creative solutions and hands on advisory for our clients.

When You Hire Us You Get Us

The first meeting is the most important meeting. When you meet our team on day one, it doesn’t change. We don’t pass assignments off to sales associates or junior employees. When any of our strategic clients engage us they work directly with the owners of our company. This allows us to provide streamlined decision making, an ownership perspective and results.

An Unrivaled Reputation

We do it the right way. For 51 years, we have built a reputation of integrity and trust by working on the most sensitive deals throughout North America. From Fortune 500 companies to family owned businesses, our partners know when they work with WWM, they are working with a firm whose reputation has stood the test of time.

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