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WWM Continues Sale Leaseback Success; Completes $6M Sale Leaseback for Cleveland, Ohio Client

Blair V. Wood and Kevin G. Joseph of real estate advisory firm Weber Wood Medinger (WWM), completed the sale leaseback of an industrial corporate headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio. As part of a complex strategy working with their client, WWM marketed and sold the real estate to an industrial focused REIT which resulted in transferring the embedded, non-performing equity in the real estate to more mission critical, and higher return aspects of the business.

WWM is pleased to have had the opportunity to successfully negotiate a deal that met their client’s goals and objectives. We look forward to their future success and are excited to serve as a strategic partner going forward.


Weber Wood Medinger is a commercial real estate advisory firm helping clients solve business initiatives through real estate solutions. WWM is celebrating their 50th anniversary in 2018!

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