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U.S. Nitrogen, Tennessee

Land Assemblage 


U. S. Nitrogen, a manufacturer of ammonium nitrate solution, required a large site consisting of at least 400 acres of industrial land served by all utilities and rail. Locations considered were in Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee.  After reviewing the requirement with various state development departments, utilities, and rail providers, USN reduced the qualified locations down to eastern Tennessee. 




Greeneville County’s industrial development controlled a site of 40 acres. Weber Wood Medinger, in conjunction with the County, met with forty adjacent land owners and over a 12 month period assembled a parcel of over 450 acres. Each transaction was unique in that most of the parcels were owner occupied and USN had to provide for several relocations.




WWM succeeded in assembling a site for USN that enabled them to construct their 150 million dollar facility with ample room for expansion at a cost per acre below $11,000.

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